BCTEAL.ORG Quick Start guide

Welcome to the all new bcteal.org! To help you get started as quickly as possible, follow the three easy steps below!

STEP 1: Reset your membership password

Your membership account has been moved to our new site, but you will need to reset your password. Check your email for a password reset link. If you can't find the email, then try the reset link here. If that still doesn't work, send us an email! Once you have your login info, you can log into the members only area by clicking the "Members area" button on the top right. Please note: Your username is not necessarily your email address

Reset my Password

Step 2: Watch our tutorial guides

To help you get acquainted with the new site, we have put together a series of quick how-to videos, to show you the basics of navigating the new site. This includes understanding the website layout, the membership area, and some key features of the membership portal. 

Step 3: Take our Website Challenge!

So you think you know how to use the site? See if you can complete our Website Challenge by completing the 10 tasks below! (Then hop on the members forums and add your name to the winner's list!)

Congratulations! You now know how to navigate the new website!