BC TEAL Respectful Interactions Guidelines Framework (RiGs)

BC TEAL strives to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for professional development and growth for our various members and community affiliations. As such, we aim to foster inclusive, collegial and respectful interactions and have created the following Respectful Interactions guidelines:

  •  Engaging in speaking and questioning in respectful and appropriate ways
  •  Considering the implications that your comments or remarks have on others • Taking responsibility for your actions
  •  Acting in a collegial manner
  •  Supporting a dynamic and engaging dialogue

When defining these terms, BC TEAL recognizes and celebrates the diversity within our field and includes the following factors: life experience, cultural background, religious or political affiliation, gender or sexual orientation, physical or health capacity and employment status. Despite the persistent underlying power differences within society that have privileged certain cultures, languages, genders, abilities and identities, BCTEAL expects respectful and inclusive interactions. As such, we remind ourselves to make space for the backgrounds and opinions of others, even when they challenge our own. We acknowledge that participants in our community may represent different breadth and depth of experience and expertise, and different cultural stances; the principles of humility and openness enhance respectful interactions across differences.

Recognition and exploration of difference can lead to greater insight, empathy and professional growth; we must insist on respectful interactions in all dealings associated within BC TEAL and when representing the organization when engaging with the larger community.

By joining the Association of BC Teachers of English as an Additional Language as a conference delegate or presenter, as a member of the Board of Directors, as a contractual or regular employee, or for any other online or in person event, you agree to abide by and support our Respectful Interactions guidelines.

Conflict is a reality and positive engagement with it can generate deeper understanding and respect. Dismissing the differences and the importance of those differences can unintentionally lead to hurt feelings, silencing, bullying and even harassment. This undermines the principles of inclusion and growth BC TEAL seeks to foster and therefore cannot be condoned through our inaction. BC TEAL is committed to the formative growth of the membership through feedback through respectful interactions. Those who fail to respect and enact these guidelines may be asked to leave the event and/or membership and may be prevented from participating in future BC TEAL associated activities.