Call for participation in online panel: Aligning LanguageCert General Exams to the Canadian Language Benchmarks

The primary goal of the panels is to map the LanguageCert General tests to the Canadian Language Benchmarks, establishing suitable cut scores and thus ensuring that the exam accurately reflects the language proficiency standards embodied in the CLB.

Panel Composition

We are seeking professionals with a strong theoretical familiarity with CLB levels, regardless of their geographic location. Preference is given to those with 5+ years experience with the CLB. Eligible panellists include professionals involved in language education with practical experience of the CLB in areas such as curriculum design, instruction and assessment. They will include:

Panel Activities

Each panel will cover two language skills (i.e., speaking, listening, reading, writing) and will engage in the following activities:

Each panel is scheduled to take place online during the period of one week (Feb 5th-9th and Feb 19th-23rd). Meeting times will be set to fit with Canadian time zones while also accounting for panellists’ locations outside Canada. Panellists may select to participate in both panels or in just one.


Panellists will be reimbursed for the equivalent of three and a half days of work with remuneration dependent upon position (language instructor / university professor / director). A non-disclosure agreement and a contract outlining the work and daily fee will be signed upon confirmation of your involvement.


If you are interested in participating in this panel or have any questions, please email us at Your email should include a short paragraph indicating your interest in the panel, your background with the CLB/LINC, and a current copy of your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!

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