Treasurer (2023-2024)

Treasurer 2021 to 2023 BC TEAL.

President of New Directions English School and creator of New Directions in LINC-An Open Learning Centre for Language and the Workplace

Diploma of Technology in Administrative Management - BCIT incl Accounting, Financial Management and Economics.

Have managed programs to 8+ M responsible to Public Works Government Services Canada; Canada Employment and Immigration Canada; IRCC; Prov of BC, and others with high level of expertise and success.

Experienced program manager across sectors of non-profit, private post -secondary and now founder and president of own organization, New Directions Vocational Testing and Counselling Services Ltd. (New Directions English Language School) and creator of New Directions in LINC-an Open Learning Centre for Language and the Workplace. Yvonne approaches the role of Treasurer as carefully as she manages the financial position of her own organization; with a growth mindset and knowing being client or member- centred is the essential ingredient to success and long term sustainability. Her values align with BC TEAL and she is committed to the professional development  of the LINC sector and effective use of the LISTN legacy.